Fohhn sound systems in Ireland, available from Foh Audio Galway

10 reasons to place your trust in Fohhn.20 years of experience.Fohhn has been successfully developing and manufacturing top-of-the-range speaker systems for 20 years. Each individual component is subjected to a strict electronic, acoustic and visual quality inspection.Quality “Made in Germany“.Fohhn speaker systems are developed and manufactured in Germany. Research and development, final assembly, quality inspections and sales all take place in the headquarter in Nürtingen, in the South of Germany. Specialist suppliers from Germany deliver electronic and mechanical components to Fohhn.Simple and reliable operating concept.Easy to use, extremely reliable and an excellent sound quality. The main objective of Fohhn engineers is to develop systems that incorporate state-of-the-art technology and complex functions, yet are easy for the user to operate.Efficient service and sound planning advice.Fohhn offers a comprehensive service for implementing a wide variety of sound requirements. The sound experts at Fohhn can assist the customer throughout the acoustic planning phase and provide support with speaker system calibration and the final system inspection at the venue.Research and development.Fohhn focuses on the continuous development of products and optimisation of processes. Our engineers keep their fingers on the pulse by researching into new technology years before it goes mainstream.Superior design.A team of specialists refines all Fohhn product developments to maximise functionality, user friendliness, ergonomics and aesthetics. A timeless, linear design forms the core of Fohhn’s design philosophy.Environmental compatibility.Strict environmental standards are taken into consideration during all steps of the production process, from the planning stage to final delivery to the customer. Only renewable or recyclable materials are used for speaker housings and packaging.Seminars and workshops.Fohhn attaches great importance to enriching internal company know-how and to the permanent qualification of customers. Fohhn holds regular presentations, seminars and employee training events.Skilled employees.Fohhn employees are characterised by their vast technical knowledge, extensive training qualifications and an extraordinary sense of team spirit. In addition, most employees have gathered a wealth of practical experience working with Fohhn sound systems either as a sound engineer or a live musician.Many satisfied customers.Users from all over the world have placed their trust in the outstanding quality of Fohhn audio systems, including Munich airport, the Jeon-Ju World Cup Stadium in Korea and the Kremlin in Moscow. Heavyweights of the pop, jazz and classical music scene such as Miles Davis, Status Quo and the Royal London Philharmonic Orchestra have held concerts using Fohhn equipment. Renowned companies such as Daimler, BMW, Audi, Porsche, SAP and Siemens also recognise the quality of Fohhn products.Thank you for trusting in quality.