PT 70

Fohhn PT 70

PT-70 - Horn-loaded. Cardioid. Plug & Play.

Fohhn expands its Perform-Series with the PT-70 – a high performance, 2-way loudspeaker system with cardioid functionality that has been specially developed for concert sound and touring applications. The new loudspeaker makes an ideal sound system for concerts in tents, halls and clubs, or for town festivals and smaller open-air events. It also acts as a solid extension for line arrays and large Beam Steering systems. For the rental market, the PT-70 has many applications as a multifunctional loudspeaker system.

The PT-70 contains two 12“ chassis with compression chamber and horn, plus a 1.4“ compression driver with CD horn. It features a passive crossover which splits up the loudspeaker's audio signal. An Intelligent Protection Circuit (IPC), a voltage-controlled semiconductor circuit, protects the high frequency driver from overload - quickly and reliably.

The loudspeaker system also features Convertible Dispersion Technology (CDT), which is registered as a utility model. This technology enables the PT-70 to be switched between cardioid and vented operation. In cardioid mode, the sound dispersion at low-mid range frequencies is effectively reduced at the system's back. Thus first-class sound reproduction and speech intelligibility are ensured.

The PT-70 has been solely developed for operation with Fohhn speaker presets - especially with Fohhn Class D amplifier D-2.1500: The system's equalizing occurs within the Fohhn DSP, which also includes all of the protective functions that required for a safe operation. Together with this amplifier and Fohhn subwoofers, the PT-70 delivers excellent results.



Electroacoustic Features  
acoustic design horn-loaded passive speaker system, 2-way, vented, CDT (Convertible Dispersion Technology – switchable between cardioid and vented operation), sidelobe suppression by means of a midrange-waveguide
components 2 x 12" long excursion speakers working in compression chamber and horn, 1.4” compression driver on CD horn with self-resetting IPC[*]-HF protection, neodymium magnets
power rating (nominal) [1] 900 W
power rating (program) [2] 1800 W
power rating (peak) [3] 3600 W
maximum SPL [3] 140 dB
frequency range [4] 52 Hz – 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v) [5] 90° x 50° or 60° x 50°
nominal impedance 4 Ohms
enclosure multiplex birch plywood, reinforced with steel braces
protection grille steel, ball impact resistant, powder coated
rigging points 2 x suspension rail for Quicklock flying bracket and AEROQUIP rigging hardware, 2 x eyebolt for safety
connections 2 x Neutrik NL4 Speakon connectors
standard colours scratch-proof polyurethane coating, black
front design hexagonally perforated steel grille, backed by acoustically transparent foam
dimensions (W x H x D) 400 x 800 x 450 mm
weight [6] approx. 39 kg
optional features  
optional colours all RAL Classic colours
weather protection polyurethane coating with additional UV-resistant finish, water-repellent speaker cone impregnation
CAAD simulation data EASE, Ulysses
[1] according to IEC-60268-5 long term  
[2] according to IEC-60268-5 short term  
[3] peak, 20 ms with bandpass filtered pink noise signal according to IEC 60268-2at one octave above the lower limit of the frequency range  
[4] -10 dB under anechoic half-space conditions with speaker-preset  
[5] horizontal x vertical at -6 dB  
[6] net weight without optional equipment  
[*] Intelligent Protection Circuit: voltage-controlled semiconductor circuit protecting the HF-driver from overload, highly effective and with a very short attack time